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I often write about:

  • how to branch out from the more well-known destinations

  • how to experience your old favorites in a new way

  • where to get a tipple at the end of the day's explorations

  • the history and culture of your destination (did I mention I'm a professional archaeologist as well?)



Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

My geographic focuses are primarily:

  • the Pacific Northwest and Alaska

  • New Orleans and environs

  • Central, East, and Southeast Asia

  • The South Pacific and New Zealand


You are just as likely to find me on a solo adventure in bush Alaska or taking a city retreat in Montreal.

Are you stuck with...

  • getting articles that expertly weave history and geography into topical travel pieces?

  • securing content that highlights events and venues your readers will want to find for themselves on their next vacation?

  • finding a professional who is oriented toward your business goals and responsive to your direction?


email me at mackensie.cornelius [at] gmail [dot] com

P.S. I can also take care of your photography needs.